Getting to Pula... plane


Pula has an international airport, with a number of flights from other cities in Europe. For more information see website

Other airports, closest to Pula are :

Trieste/Friuli Venetia Giulia Airport/Ronchi (164km)
Ljubljana (226 km)

Zagreb (277 km)

Venice (276 km).


From the airports you can use a bus or from Venice you can also take a catamaran to Pula. car

You can drive to Pula from the direction of Trieste via Koper - Buje - Pula.

From the direction of Austria you can drive via Villach - Ljubljana - Koper - Buje - Pula.

From direction of Zagreb you can drive via Rijeka - Tunnel Učka - Pazin - Pula.


Latest traffic information in Croatia can be found here : train


Pula has a railway station and is connected to various cities also by train.

Information on train schedules can be found on official website of Croatian Railways : bus

Pula Bus station is located in neighborhood Šijana, on the place of former military base. Bus traffic has local, city, regional and international lines. Pula Bus station is located near the center of the city, couple of minutes of walk to the Arena. Pula is connected by bus to various cities such as Zareb, Trieste, Venice etc. 

You can also book a bus from Pula airport to Pula bus station.


Distances to Pula from other cities in Europe : 

Rijeka : 102 km
Zagreb : 288 km
Dubrovnik : 696 km
Trieste : 126 km
Vienna : 593 km
Frankfurt : 1030 km
Amsterdam : 1490 km
London : 1750 km
Munich : 607 km
Milano : 535 km
Rome : 756 km
Graz : 398 km